The Mitre United Scheme - Guide for Clubs & Coaches

The Mitre United scheme is a national initiative to support grassroots football and encourage every football club to try Mitre's quality teamwear range.

The key feature is a free kit offer, available through TOTAL FOOTBALL - and rewards teams for being part of our team.

The scheme provides registered clubs with £200 worth of free kit, selected footballs or equipment for every £2000 RRP they spend on Mitre or Prostar teamwear and training wear. The new offer reflects Mitre's commitment to football at a grassroots level and we're confident that local clubs and leagues can benefit from the kit solution at a competitive price.

Mitre United will also give away extra prizes such as match tickets, VIP experiences and kit throughout the period of the campaign which runs from 1st March 2017 to the 28th February 2019.

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